Photo Blog: Day 995

#995: Coiled

A recent blog by friend and photo buddy Richard reminded me of another friend’s comments when we met up a couple of months ago. Having taken photos every day for the last two-and-a-half years, I now find myself taking shots of anything and everything, finding beauty in the ordinary. When I paused to photograph a coil of cables that had caught my eye, John was surprised, and could not understand why I was drawn to the patterns, the lines, the shapes and the colours.

IMG_5878 small


I admit, it’s not everybody’s idea of a piece of art, but I liked it enough to share.

Photo Blog: Day 994

Photo Blog: Day 993

Photo Blog: Day 992

#992: Summer’s Last Gasp

Summer may definitely have left the building, rudely leaving the door open, to allow the draft and the rain in, but if you look hard enough, she still has a handful of gifts to give…

Photo Blog: Day 991

Photo Blog: Day 990

#990: All-Embracing Glazing

Three office buildings from central London.

Photo Blog: Day 989

#989: Along the Pier

A quiet afternoon on the Pier in Worthing. There were at least five of us there…


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