Photo Blog: Day 944

#944: Homage to Berlin

A final homage to Berlin as September kicks in. It seems like months ago that I was in this beautiful, vibrant city, and without doubt it is somewhere I would readily visit again.

Photo Blog: Day 943

#943: Bundestag

The parliament building for the German government, the Reichstag building features an amazing rooftop viewing platform. Designed by celebrated British architect Sir Norman Foster, it offers panoramic views across the city, two interwoven walkways around a central mirrored column.

Photo Blog: Day 942

#942: Gothic


I’m a sucker for language, and there’s always something reassuring about gothic script… Oh, is this the way out..?


Photo Blog: Day 941

#941: Berlin Architecture


Berlin has had a troubled recent history, but it is not afraid of creating bold statements with its architecture, while still remaining true to its roots.

Photo Blog: Day 940

#940: Schloss Charlottenberg

Another of Berlin’s landmarks, now, and it’s the Schloss Charlottenberg.

Photo Blog: Day 939

#939: Pergamon

Three shots from one of the most respected museums in Berlin, the Pergamon. Click on the image to see a larger view.

Photo Blog: Day 938

#938: Air Lift

IMG_2536 small


Commemorating the airlift that broke the blockade of Berlin in the immediate post-war years, the Denkmal für die Opfer der Luftbrücke (Berlin Airlift Monument) stands at the entrance to Tempelhof Airport. The three arcs pointing west to symbolise the three air corridors that were the city’s lifeline in 1948/1949.


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