Photo Blog: Day 906

#906 - Torn

IMG_2371 small


This advert for a classical concert in Berlin caught my eye as much for the striking image of the principle musician, but also for the slightly sinister feel the torn image gas created.

Photo Blog: Day 905

#905 – Advertising

IMG_2326 small


Taken close to Berlin Zoo, this shows the power of advertising, the power of celebrity (Daniel Bruhl) and the power, oddly, of the English language…

Photo Blog: Day 904

#904 – German Writing

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Berlin is a vibrant city, with many beautiful sights and sounds… From a 4-night stop in the city, I came away with over 1,000 photographs and, over the coming weeks, I’ll share some of those with you.

Photo Blog: Day 903

In the Doorway

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Photo Blog: Day 902


Well, that’s it. The exhibition season is over…

Worthing Art Trail

The Art trail ran for three weeks in June, and proved another successful year. The weather kept people away (why come into a house when the beach is 100yds away?), but sales were up slightly, and I sold a couple of prints, which I was more than happy with. Thank you to Claudine for lending me a piece of her home for a fourth year!

IMG_4746 small


Worthing, a portrait

The exhibition at the Forge Gallery closed yesterday. There were no sales, but while financially not viable, it was a great experience, showing one-off photographs in a formal gallery venue, which was a great space with two extremely welcoming hosts (thank you Siobhan and Danny!).

Brighton Photomarathon

Back in May, I also took part in the Brighton Photomarathon, as part of the arts Fringe Festival. Yesterday showed the culmination of the photographers’ efforts – 39 entrants, 12 themes, 468 photographs – at the Foyer Gallery of Brighton University. The exhibition (which runs for a week from today) showcases the results of that day back in May, and kicked off with a viewing for competitors, friends and family last night.

There was an overall prize for the winner, plus second place, a competitors’ choice, organisers’ choice and a small prize for the winner from each of the 12 categories. I have to be honest, and I an shocked to say that I won one of the category prizes, as my interpretation of Missed won! Given the other interpretations out there, I’m not sure how, but I will accept the compliment!

A big thank you to Stacey et al. for being so welcoming and hostly!

12. Missed

12. Missed

So, what next? Having spent six months preparing for exhibitions (particularly for The Forge) I have nothing in the pipeline… So, what next? Well, I am still trawling through my shots from Berlin (nearly three months ago), and am heading to the Commonwealth Games next weekend… I still have some outstanding challenges from my list for the year (more of which in the coming weeks), but apart from that, I feel at a photographic loose end… Ideas greatly appreciated! :D


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