Photo Blog: Day 1004

Photo Blog: Day 1003

Photo Blog: Day 1002

Photo Blog: Day 1001

Photo Blog: Day 1000

#1000: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…



So, the landmark 1000th post has been reached! And who would have thought, back on 1st February 2012, that my little idea of a daily post – for one month! – would still be going. I didn’t know how to commemorate the occasion, until I thought back to my days of schoolboy Latin. In that Roman language, the number 1000 is represented by the letter M, so out and about I went, trying to find as many ‘m’s as I could. And here they are; 5 days’ work, 14 Ms.

Click on the image to see the full-size view.



Photo Blog: Day 999

#999: Off Jammin’

IMG_7546 small

How to spend a lunch break when you’re a student… Kick back in the park on a sunny afternoon and start strummin’…

Photo Blog: Day 998

#998: No Of-fence

IMG_7607 small


Something completely different from the last few days’ grey shots. A nice healthy injection of colour!


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