Richards Guest & Cooper-Knight: The Collaborations

With sixteen under our belts, now, I thought it might be worthwhile giving some links to them, for those new followers amongst you!

  1. Shadows – 6th May 2012 Richard G’s theme.
  2. Together – 20th May 2012 Richard CK’s theme.
  3. Orange – 3rd June 2012 Richard G’s theme.
  4. After the Break – 17th June 2012 Richard CK’s theme.
  5. Lost and Found – 1st July 2012 Richard G’s theme.
  6. Self Portrait – 15th July 2012 Richard CK’s theme.
  7. Steam – 29th July 2012 Richard G’s theme.
  8. Numbers – 12th August 2012 Richard CK’s theme.
  9. Aftermath – 26th August 2012 Richard G’s theme.
  10. One Small Step – 9th September 2012 Richard CK’s theme.
  11. Radio On – 23rd September 2012 Richard G’s theme.
  12. Addiction – 7th October 2012 Richard CK’s theme.
  13. Electricity – 21st October 2012 Richard G’s theme.
  14. Fifty Shades of Grey – 4th November 2012 Richard CK’s theme.
  15. Richard by Richard – 18th November 2012 Richard G & CKs’ theme.
  16. Crystalline – 2nd December 2012 Richard G’s theme.

It’s been a brilliant journey so far, and long may it continue – I know my technique has developed through this collaboration, and the way we have fed off one another is unnerving! Hats off, therefore, to Richard G – without his continued enthusiasm and inspiration we would not have gotten past week one!


  1. Hey, thanks very much, Richard! 🙂 I love doing these because of the genuine exchange that goes on – I’ve learned a lot from doing these too and I really enjoy seeing what we’ve got when it’s time to post. So, hats off to you too, and like you nearly said, let’s keep on keepin’ on.

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