(500) Days of Photographs: Day 17 – Commitment: A collaboration between Richards Guest and Cooper-Knight

Commitment – my theme, with the caveat (thanks to Oblique Strategies again) of ‘use an unacceptable colour’. (Why do I keep coming up with these weird ones again?!)


Richard Guest – Thursday Afternoon, 2013



The moment Richard emailed me the new theme for this collaboration, I had an idea. But not this one. No, I spent quite a while thinking of things to do with hands. Hands on their own, hands together, fingers about to press buttons. Of course, when I came to shoot them they were lifeless and boring, so I did what I always do – went for a walk with my camera and here’s the result. The connection with the theme is loose, and the colour’s not so much unacceptable as ironic, but there we are.


Richard Cooper-Knight – That Dress



I set the theme because it seemed to fit in nicely with Valentine’s Day. The trouble was that I didn’t really think about the potential – and the restriction I imposed – until after I’d emailed Richard with the idea. (Actually, this is a good thing, because I proves that I never tailor a theme to a) an image I have already or b) an idea for an image.) My mind remained blank until I wandered into town last weekend. A new shop had appeared, one that sold wedding dresses that were different. Instantly there was my image, and hey presto!


  1. I love these, particularly the top on, it gives such a good impression of being in a city, of anonymous people hurrying past like ghosts; the worker at her desk was maybe glimpsed by one of them in a moment of stillness, I don’t think she saw them!

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