Getting an Eiffel

Paris in all its glory…

Morgan Rana Photography

I love Paris. Having spent 6 days there a little over two weeks ago, I went overboard with the photography. The trouble is, everything is so pretty, or interesting, or cultural, or stylish…

It’s been a mammoth task sorting through my favourite photos, so I thought I’d start with some of the more colourful images from my trip. The weather wasn’t glorious and the sky was grey most of the time, but the city still effortlessly charmed me and showed why she’s the most romantic and stylish city on earth. Parisians look so suave. All of them. Even the old chap who fell down the steps in the bookstore and landed on me. He fell with aplomb. I, on the other hand, let out a little squeal and in no way handled the situation with sophistication.

The only problem now, is that I want to live there. Sure they charge €6…

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