London and Art Trail

Two things with this post. Some great photographers have been taking some great photographs of my home city – London – of late, and I thought it worthwhile sharing their blogs with you all.

Mike Osborn – West London Hub – has spent time photographing a big station in the city, bringing it to life in the way that only he can.

Andreas Hesse – London in Black & White – had done very much the same, focusing more on the sights and sounds of the Thames.


The Worthing Art Trail is, as I type, halfway through it’s three-week run. The warm and dry weather has brought people out, and 36 Madeira Avenue has seen visitors and sales a-plenty. I had a wander around some of the other venues today, and could have spent hundreds of pounds on art! A couple of the top spots are Worthing Art Studios, where there are half-a-dozen artists in a great setting – a lot of talented people in one place – and 28 Westland Avenue, a new venue to the trail, but one that is set to continue.

So, if you fancy a sunny day by the sea, with plenty to see and buy, then the Worthing Art Trail is well worth a trip. It is on from 11-5 tomorrow, and the same time next Saturday and Sunday (6th and 7th July).


  1. Thank you very much, Richard! I can’t wait to come back to the island to see more than its biggest city. The Art Trail sounds like a great place to wander around and get inspired.

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