(500) Days of Photographs: Day 191 – Work: A collaboration between Richards Guest and Cooper-Knight


My suggestion for a theme, and my turn to host this time around. Trouble is, we need a bit of help from you…

Richard Guest

After the lateral-ness of the last collaboration, Richard made the great move of stripping the theme back to basics (with just a little twist). With quite a lot of relief, I decided to concentrate on a straightforward representation of some people at work. This was one of the first shots I took. It was taken from a train window on the approach to London Bridge station. (by the way I have a definite preference for one version of this shot 🙂 )

So, which do you prefer? Colour or black and white?


Richard Cooper-Knight

It was really bizarre when Richard sent his images through. I’d already decided what I was going to post this time around, and when Richard sent his images across to me, it all made perfect, natural sense as to why… We’re still in London, we’re still by a bridge (Hungerford, rather than London), and we’re still on a building site… Again, as Richard has suggested, I have a definite preference, but what about you?


  1. Thanks very much for hosting, Richard! Ha, ha, we’ve done it again (I guess it’s obvious, but even the palette’s are similar)! Love your shot(s)! I voted Black & White, but now I’m not so sure. The colour’s definitely got a lot going for it.

  2. I would have loved to see some more contrast in the first B/W photo, and that’s why the colour version gets the vote.
    In the second photo the colours are so vivid, so in my opinion it works best in colour.

  3. Hmmm,that’s a nice innovative take on pictures. And I enjoyed seeing the results of the votes. 🙂
    How about an artist at work? I would love to see pictures of those. Especially through RCK and RG’s eyes!

  4. Work 01 by Richard G reminds me very much of the industrial shots of the 30s and 40s where one had to look into the shot to appreciate the detail, it’s the crisp foreground of Richard CK’s Work 01 that appeals. I love colour but have become so overwhelmed by much of the HD/endless colour on the photosharing sites that I long for bw shots that are proof of their photographers talent and not that of the chosen app….

  5. I thought I was split too, but I decided I liked RG’s B&W because it had so much going on, and coped, and RCK’s colour because the red makes a real statement… STOP… and the image captured is forever static.

  6. well I voted and commented somewhere on one of your posts then read all these. I still go with my decision Richard Guest’s black and white and Richards vest and steel color. Thanks this is fun.

  7. This is a difficult vote, and I’m not sure why, but I prefer the B&W version for RG and the colour for R C-K, although my opinion changes from moment to moment, as they all have their merits.

  8. ciao! you both are so in sync. the colour versions are just so charged…red is such a stimulant…takes the center stage. by the way, this collaboration does as well.

  9. Great job again! Love your collabs. I chose color for RG and BW for RKC.There’s something about that red in RG’s image that brings danger to mind–the danger of this type of work, the hazard. And RCK’s tones are very nice in B&W.

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