(500) Days of Photographs: Day 289 – On The Street Where You Live 2: A Collaboration

On The Street Where You Live: Part Two

The second instalment of the three-part collaboration between Richard Guest and me. A slight structure this time around – two photographs each, one in colour the other in black and white.

Richard Guest

Because of this collaboration I’ve got in the habit of taking photographs of my road most days. In the last week or so I’ve become interested in the marks people make on public areas and the stories they tell – not so much graffiti as the things people leave behind by accident. The black and white image was taken outside someone’s garage towards the Southwest end of the road, the colour at the opposite end, where it joins the main road.Β 



Richard Cooper-Knight

I chose a more abstract approach this time around, and, on a sunny, autumnal day, that is exactly what the weather presented me with. The shadows created and the strong light gave a couple of great opportunities for shots and, while I am sure there is more I could have done, I am happy with what I have produced.


  1. Great interpretations from both of you and finely observed ones. There’s plenty of detritus on the streets in this area – the discarded doll is equally unnerving with beautiful light in the shot.

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