(500) Days of Photographs: Day 359 – Light: A Collaboration Between Richards Guest and Cooper-Knight

The first collaboration of 2014, then, and Richard G had kindly come out of hibernation (albeit on a temporary basis) to do a joint posting.


Richard GuestLight, 2014



Of course, it’s fundamental to everything in photography, light, so, in theory, this theme could take us anywhere. As it was, I was spending a lot of time looking down. At the ground. And it struck me it would be an amusing reversal to look down into the light, rather than the usual (pseudo-spiritual) up. On an almost completely unrelated note (but not quite), I would like to recommend you read M. John Harrison’s novel, Light (2002). It’s ace.


Richard Cooper-KnightLight, 2014



I admit it. It was a close-run thing between two images, and I only really decided on this shot when I saw Richard G’s submission. The winter mornings (when it’s not raining) offer a tempting new way to view street lights. On those crisp and frosty mornings, when there is a sheen of ice crystals on the car windscreen, taking a second or two to admire nature’s creation before hacking away at it with a scraper and de-icer offers a great opportunity. Admittedly, photos are not brilliant (there is no room for a tripod to be set up on the passenger seat), but an abstract glimpse into the below zero world isn’t too far away. Oh, and the other image? It may well surface at some point.


  1. Richard CK – image looks pretty brilliant to me (especially when compared to my rubbish efforts), and is quite spiritual in a lot of ways.

    Richard G – glad to see you out of ‘hibernation’ (although, ‘hibernation’ sounds very appealing at the moment). It hadn’t occurred to me until now, but I spend most of my time looking at the ground. Looking for things people drop. I hardly ever look up. I have made a note of that book, will add it to my huge pile of ‘must-reads’. Don’t sleep for too long…

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