(500) Days of Photographs: Day 423 – Collaboration: Public/Private

Public / Private

A double theme this time round, and it’s my time to set and host. Click on the images to see the full size versions.


Richard Guest

When Richard suggested Public/ Private as a theme, I immediately thought of those rubbish schemes the government runs when they want to wash their hands of some service they are supposed to be running – schools, utilities etc. But I just couldn’t find anything to photograph to illustrate just what I felt, so I plumped for rather direct interpretations of the theme, I’m afraid. On the upside, both photographs are named after tracks on Siouxsie and the Banshees’ albumPeepshow (1988), which is ace!


Richard Cooper-Knight

This proved one of those collaborations where my initial ideas went out of the window when a new one came along. It was a seedling of an idea that built and, while it is probably the most intimate of my images to date, I’m pleased, if not entirely comfortable, with the results.


  1. Great captures from you both! I like the ‘public’ photo of Richard G., it’s very British and colorful. The ‘private’ photo of Richard CK. moves me, beautiful!

  2. Nice idea ck. I just did a post on a major building in the city which was under private ownership and sat abandoned for many years. It did make me think about that public and private balance – i.e. what does it matter if the public can only continue to enjoy the beauty of and access to a heritage building if a private investor deems it worthy of saving….?

  3. Really enjoy this narrative grouping. 2 and 4 really hang together in a mysterious sense for me prompting many questions. 1 & 3 add to ‘extenuating circumstances.’ Very rich!

  4. I like them all together too. Intimate and far away narratives.
    Richard CK., yours both feel very private and public at the same time which fascinates me.

    • Thank you, Karen. I didn’t feel wholly comfortable about the images, but they seemed to suit the theme so well, that I thought I’d take the plunge! 🙂

  5. All great shots. RG: really like the colourful window shot (as someone said above, very British!) and the sense of secretly watching someone in the second shot.

    CK: I love the juxtaposition of two shots, fab concept and really well shot. That private shot reminds me of how I feel every Monday morning!

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