(500) Days of Photographs: Day 490

Star Trails, Take II

May proved pretty fruitless when it came to progressing my six challenges for the year, and I spent most of it photographing many, many versions of one specific thing… I did, however, make a point of trying to get out and develop my star trails, albeit not very successfully.

Moving away from my back garden, I took to the countryside, photographing from a hill overlooking Lancing College in West Sussex. Sadly, while it was fairly dark, the ambient light from Lancing and Steyning ruined the moments a little…

Still, the moon was nice that night!


  1. Looking at the moon and the stars never gets old. Shame we need to get away from the light pollution to really get a proper glimpse of the universe around us (one of the things I love about Australia, much easier to see the stars at night).

    • That’s very true. Seeing the stars never fails to disappoint. The best view I had was on top of Mauna Kea in Hawaii, where the moon coming out made it HARDER to see the stars, because it was so bright…

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