Photo Blog: Day 867

So there you have it… Two lengthy projects down, and I am picking up where I left off. I have a bit of a thing for statistics, and, having completed a year-long project and a 500-day project, I have my eyes on the next big prize… 1000 daily posts. Combining the first two projects gave me a total of 866 back-to-back posts, so I have 134 days to go!

To kick off the next stage in the CK Ponderings blog, I am going back to basics. When I started in February 2012, I took a number of photographs during the day and posted one of them that same day. Building on that premise – and taking on board the Photomarathon I took part in last month – my challenge for the next week (at least) is to take a photo, just one photograph each day and post it. I can tweak it to a certain extent, but I am only allowed to take one single photograph each day. The slight difference from the original blogs is that I am can take the photo a day in advance. Today’s post, therefore, includes the photo that I took yesterday (Sunday).

#867 – Camera

IMG_4763 small

f/8, 1/80 sec., ISO-2500


An old Coronet camera I own – it used to be my grandfather’s. I have never used it, but it makes a great ornament.

The Coronet Folding Pocket Camera was manufactured by the Coronet Camera Company of England in circa 1930. Designed as an inexpensive and simple folding bed camera. Like the Folding Pocket camera, this similar model was entirely constructed of metal with the body covered in leatherette and other exposed metal parts chromium plated. It was capable of capturing 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 inch ( 6x9cm ) exposures on number 120 roll film. It was fitted with a simple fixed focus meniscus lens and a simple rotary shutter for instantaneous photos. (


  1. I’m pleased to see you are (word)pressing on… When I started my Little Bits of Sheffield blog I thought I might keep up the daily posts for a year. I enjoyed posting daily and hit 1000 posts at the start of the year. Since then I have added to the blog but no longer on a daily basis. With four photoblogs, two of which I didn’t have at the start, I figured I needed to ease off the accelerator for a while. The 1000 posts definitely felt like a significant milestone but also remember marking 100 and then 500 posts. After 1000 it was definitely time to re-appraise the blog and it has changed since then. I will continue to enjoy tour blog. Good luck and best wishes…. Mr Cafe 🙂

    • Thank you very much! I am still amazed that I even made it through that first month without giving up. Looking back, I’m not pleased with all of those initial 29 images, but the routine has stood me in good stead for everything I have achieved since. 🙂

    • Not at all… I don’t think I could manage to keep it up for more than the week. It’s quite restricting, particularly when you don’t have a lot of time, but I prefer the freedom of being able to take multiple shots and narrow it down. (Having said that, one photo per day has allowed me to catch up a bit with the backlog of images I have to work through!)

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