Photo Blog: Day 1015

#1015: In Remembrance

IMG_7765 small

Handmade poppy field in the Imperial War Museum, London.



…and that was going to be it. Nothing more for this commemorative day. But the excellent First World War exhibition at the museum contained some really interesting – and enlightening – artifacts. Often, while counting every one of the 888,246 members of the British and Commonwealth servicemen who died during the 1914-1918 conflict, those who chose to stick to their principles and not fight are overlooked (although in this centenary year, much has changed). One exhibit from the museum relates to Mr Brookes, one of these conscientious objectors. Nothing more, beyond the words on the postcard, needs to be said.

IMG_7758 small



    • There’s not much more anybody can add, really, is there? It’s hard to imagine the general mentality of people a century ago, where a man who, for probably perfectly genuine reasons, was not on the front line fighting would be ostracised that vehemently.

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