Photo Blog: Day 1018

#1018: Misty Lancing

IMG_7795 small

Autumn has definitely arrived here in the UK, but our weather is seemingly more and more extreme. As a friend of mine recently posted:

Hey British Weather whatever happened to foreplay. I remember when Cloud and drizzle were precursors to a torrential downpour and then maybe after we’d enjoy some relaxing blustery showers. Now its all just SUN>BIBLICAL FLOOD>SUN. Where’s the tenderness? Where’s the nuance? The magic has gone.

However, when there is a break in the apocalyptic clouds and tornadoes, Mother Nature always seems to play her trump card…



  1. Lovely. I know what your friend means. But when the sun has been out, I’ve been getting away with a just a t-shirt for my lunch time walk. Maybe we can just skip winter and go straight to spring 🙂

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