Photo Blog: Day 1085

#1085 – I won’t take it lying, erm…

IMG_8683 small


I’ve mentioned before on this blog about my relationship with graffiti. Yes, I know that it is illegal, and I certainly would not want it daubed all over my house. However, in the right place, in the right circumstances and with the right amount of skill, graffiti becomes street art and brightens up what might otherwise be a dull street or alley.

I’m not saying that today’s post is a work of art, but I when I saw it, on a wall in the park behind the office where I work, I was intrigued. This is no ordinary tag, but this is no super-fine work of art either. It’s almost medical in its nature.



  1. I know what you mean, a graffiti just saying the name of the “artist” destroying a building’s facade is awful, but in the right place, with the right concept…!

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