Photo Blog: Day 1090

#1090: Baby Shoot

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A month or so before Christmas, I was asked to take some photographs of a friend’s young lad for Christmas presents. Given that the festive season is well behind us, now seemed as good a time as any to post some of my favourite images from the shoot.

The thing is, of course, about how I feel about posting a photo of a mate’s baby online. I shouldn’t feel bad about it – from a ‘professional’ perspective, I have a signed consent form, and I am not using any of these images for financial gain. So why, then, do I feel awkward?

It’s shaming to say that, given the kind of society that we now live in (particularly in the UK), I’m presented with that whole “having to think twice before I post” element of child and baby photography. But I was asked to take these photographs. It’s not as if hid in the undergrowth next to a playground with a 400mm lens to take the shots. Nothing personal to anybody out there, but children don’t interest me. I don’t have any of my own – and have no desire to do so – and I am always the person who hurriedly finds something else to do when any of the women at work bring their baby in when they’re on maternity leave.

The thing is, I’m proud of these shots, and want to share them. I am deliberately not posting my friend’s details, so this little fella will remain anonymous, so why do I still feel that element of guilt..?



  1. Yeah, even when I’ve been given blanket approval to post pictures of kids (mainly my nieces and nephews) I still pass every image through the parents before posting it.

  2. There’s nothing to worry about at all, Richard. You had permission and aren’t putting him in any peril by posting details of identification. And besides, these are superb portraits. All concerned should be proud of them.

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