Photo Blog: Day 1115

#1115 – Matt

IMG_8946 small

I saw Matt recently while waiting for a train. His look immediately caught my eye, and I was keen to take his photo. While 2014 had been quite successful for me taking street shots, it had been a while since I had done so, and hesitation was on the verge of kicking in.

However, never one for not leaping in, I asked and he was more than happy for me to take a couple of shots.

What caught my eye was the collection of badges, the bowler hat and the glasses. There are all looks I could never pull off, but on some people they just… work.

I’m not the most fashion conscious person in the world, and wear what I feel comfortable in. However, I also know what looks fashionable to me and what I don’t like (skinny jeans… nobody can pull off skinny jeans…).




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