Photo Blog: Day 1129

#1129 – 1945 At Sea

IMG_9309 small

Sticking with the vintage photo theme, this is one of a pair of images I picked up in a junk shop in Brighton. What caught my eye with this shot was not the image itself, but more the writing on it – “1945 ‘At Sea'”. Again, this dates fairly precisely (although not as precisely as yesterday’s photo) when the shot was taken.

Rooting around in the box of photos, a second image came to light.

IMG_9308 small

It’s reasonable to say that the chap with blonde hair is the same in both images, so I am assuming that the photo is taken at around the same time (albeit that he is in shorts and short sleeves in the first image and jacked and trousers in the second).

What catches my imagination with this photo, however, is the lifeboat in the background and, more specifically, the name.

IMG_9308 name

While the second word is definitely Princess, there is a frustrating rope across the first and, try as I might, I cannot make out the first part of that word (other than ****land).

A quick bit of an internet hunt (what did we do before Google?!), and I think I have narrowed it down to Highland Princess, a Royal Mail vessel called into military service during the war. If this is the correct vessel (and I admit it’s a pretty big if), she was acting as a troop ship in the Middle East around the time these images were taken and, as part of those duties, visited Australasia. (Thanks to for that information.)

NB: If any keener-eyed bloggers can make out the name, please let me know!



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