Photo Blog: Day 1192

#1192 – On The Hustings

IMG_0961 small

A step away from Rottingdean for now, as it’s a big day here in the UK. Today, the Great British public get to vote for their choice of who they want to lead and protect the country for the next five years.

Turn back the clock a decade or so and it used to be a reasonably clear cut choice; Conservative or Labour. That changed at the last General Election, however, and we had our first coalition government for over six decades, with the Conservatives teaming up with the Liberal Democrats.

This time around things look a lot hazier. The two main parties have each hovered around 33% of the polls for the last six months and a second coalition looks exceedingly likely. This time, however. the Liberal Democrats seems to have fallen out of favour, and other parties – UKIP, Green and SNP – look likely to hold a lot more sway than previously.

Given the interesting nature of the election, I thought I would try and document it in blog form. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been out with my camera when I can, capturing the parties’ advertising and promotion on film.

The downside of this is that I live and work in the south east of England, in and around constituencies that are pretty much Tory heartlands. Conservative publicity was easy to spot; the other parties took a bit of tracking down!

However, a Bank Holiday Weekend break to Glastonbury in Somerset offered a bit more variety…

Anyway, here’s the resulting collection.

Please note: These images represent how the General Election is manifesting itself across the country and are not intended to highlight my own political leanings in any way.



  1. Mondial elections, I see, Tibet was in the competition as well. And what about Tessa? How to read her sign? “Oh no! Not Tessa again!” or “Yay, again five years of Tessa!” Very confusing those elections in the UK, and then I didn’t even mention the participation of Mr. Beelzeebub.

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