Photo Blog: Day 1266 – Monochrome Monday

#1266 – Shock & Awe 1

Keen to push boundaries of the blog and my photography, I have recollected how another couple of contributors’ efforts have been received, not just through WordPress, but other social media sites like Facebook (where some accounts have been frozen as a result of the images posted there).

In recent weeks, therefore, I have deliberately set out to photograph things with the aim of causing a reaction, whether positive or not.

Over the next seven days, I will be posting an image that is designed to raise an eyebrow, or to incite comments.

To kick of, and as it’s Monochrome Monday, I’m post an other image that turned up in a(nother) job lot I ordered through eBay. The shot comes from, I believe, the 1950s, and certainly brings to mind the idea of forbidden love.

IMG_1568 small




  1. Oh those beautiful days in the 50’s. Where men could walk around naked and being photographed. Nowadays, everybody is shocked by seeing a naked toe 😉

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