Photo Blog: Day 1268

#1268 – Shock & Awe 3

The third in a week of images designed to generate a reaction and/or comments. And it’s not just for women…

IMG_1912 small


4 thoughts on “Photo Blog: Day 1268

  1. I wonder what a graphologist would make of this? That aside, what I find interesting about this is how hard it is to articulate ideas about “men’s rights” without being described as a misogynist. Guess that’s the point? Both sides of that argument have a vested interest in subjugating the other party. Perhaps it would have been more helpful if the person responsible had written “fight misandry”? 🙂

    1. I am not casting aspersions here, but I have a sneaking suspicion they may not have been able to spell ‘misandry’, let alone know what it means… After all, they used spray paint to make their point…

      1. Spray paint agitprop has it’s place. In the right context it can be very powerful. LESS BEAUTY MORE BRAINS was a bit of spray paint agitprop daubed across a car advert that had a woman in a fur coat sitting atop a sports car. But this one lacks that concern for context. If they’d sprayed “men’s rights” across a Calvin Klein advert. Now that would’ve been something? 🙂

      2. I’m not knocking graffiti, believe me; in the right place it works wonders. These two words were sprayed in a number of underpasses along the South Bank; this is the image that came out best (underneath Blackfriars).

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