Photo Blog: Day 1721 – Selfie Sunday

#1721 – Self XXXXII

Worthing, 12th October 2016.

45 is a project I came across recently that sparked an interest. The idea is to start a walk, taking a photo after five minutes, continue walking, then take another photo, until you have walked for 45 minutes and taken nine photos. It’s a great concept and I was straight onto it!

After work on Wednesday, 12th October I went down to Worthing seafront and started walking. Below are the results!


All nine of these images are straight out of the camera. These are the only photos I took that day and have done no post-processing at all. I only used Photoshop to build the canvas to present them on.

To find out more about 45, visit the website:


  1. This is a great set of shots and I like how you have put a time on each image. The sea view shot is wonderful and very atmospheric. The long shadow shot is effective and as close to a selfie as is allowed according to the rules! When setting up the site it was decided that any set of images containing a selfie would fail to qualify. The point of 45 is to challenge the photographer and in doing so hopefully there may be a degree of learning or simply pleasure at taking photographs that may be outside of their comfort zone. Shadow shots qualify because they are about observation and composition 🙂 I also like the CATV shot. It is simple and minimalist. CATV signs are everywhere but isolating it as you have makes for an interesting image. Out of interest were you working with a prime or zoom lens. If it was a prime lens then you opted for the tougher challenge!
    I’m pleased you were inspired to give 45 a go and I appreciate the link to the site.
    Would it be OK for me to post this on the Forty Five site? Obviously with full credits to yourself and a link back to your site 🙂
    Best wishes
    Mr Cafe

    • I’m really glad you like the photographs – the ‘selfie’ was as loose a connection as I dared, as I wanted to include it in my Selfie Sunday posts too, haha. I’m glad I am just he right side of the line for the shots to still be included in 45! I was using my basic Canon 18-55mm lens for the walk; I wanted to try and focus (no pun intended) on the challenge, rather than the increased opportunities that a range of lenses produced.
      I am more than happy for you to link it to the 45 site; if you have any problems, I can send you the image via Dropbox (I am new to that, so you might have to bear with me!).
      Let me know either way and thanks,
      Richard (ckponderings)

      • You were definitely on the right side of the line 🙂
        The more I look at your images the more I like them. They are all quite disconnected and yet offer a sense of an out-of-season coastal town. I like the rather muted palette of colours. As someone who lives in a land-locked city I am used to seeing seaside towns full of sunshine and bright colours. The images work well as a set. In that regard the one thing I might have enjoyed more about the images is if I was able to click on them to reveal the individual images in a gallery (similar to the way I have presented images on other sets in Forty Five). The images work well as a set but I think it would have been nice to see each image in isolation. This is not a criticism. Rather it is a reflection of my enthusiasm and a wish to offer full exposure to your work. I am thrilled that you were inspired to get out and take part in Forty Five…
        I think the 18-55 lens was probably a good choice. It provides a little bit of flexibility when composing your images. I’ve not tried 45 with a prime lens but having said that I think I should give it a go!
        Might you be tempted to do another 45?
        I have just published: 7 | Worthing by CKPonderings on Forty Five. I have linked back to your site and credited you as the originator. I have only referred to you as Mr CK or CKPonderings because I’m not sure what you prefer to be known as on the internet? I hope that is OK.
        The whole idea of Forty Five is to build a photo blog with contributions from photographers wide and far. Your participation makes you officially an ‘early adopter’ and I hope others will take inspiration from your lead.
        I also hope you will consider doing another 45 or even more than just another! You are welcome to make more than one contribution to the site.
        Thanks again for your participation and agreeing for your images to be reblogged.
        Best wishes
        Mr Cafe

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