Photo Blog: Day 1749 – Selfie Sunday

#1749 – Self XXXXVI

Worthing, 12th September 2016.



10 thoughts on “Photo Blog: Day 1749 – Selfie Sunday

      1. Me too, where possible. My dad threw away the record player and all the albums, thinking tapes were the new, improved future (massive facepalm), so I grew up on cassettes and then CDs. If I can’t get the CD, then I at least try to download in lossless FLAC. Incidentally, my mum has never forgiven my dad for chucking all her vinyls!!!

      2. I do the same, but take it a step further. I rip my CDs to FLAC as a back up (and for creating party playlists) and then convert to mp3 for my little Walkman thingy. Technology eh!

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