Photo Blog: Day 2014

#2014 – Gustav Lindman

Worthing, 13th July 2017.

A staid and posed family portrait of a proud father, his wife and two daughters.

I was surprised to find that I was off to Scandinavia for this CdV. Gustav Lindman was born in Sweden in 1871, but had moved to Norway by the time he set up his photography business with fellow photorapher Carl Lind, in 1893, in the small town of Moss, some 40 miles south of Oslo.

By 1902, Lindman was running the business in his own right, with a second branch opening in nearby Drøbak.

Lindman evidently travelled across Scandinavia; he is reported to have photographed in the Bohemian enclave of Christiania (Copenhagen) several times over the years.

Rather than an elaborate advert on the rear of the card, there is little more than the name of the town, the date (13th September 1908) and a name (‘Øiasa’? ‘Ølasa’?).

Lindman passed away in 1950, aged 78 – his business continued in Moss for some years to come, however, taken over by Anne Elisa Leirung a year before his death.


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