Photo Blog: Day 2376

#2376 – Lest We Forget (Signs 11)

A different approach to today’s blog post, as people across the world commemorate the centenary of the end of the Great War / First World War. It would be remiss of me to not take a step back from the normal, light-hearted posts on CKPonderings and remember those who lost their lives so that we could enjoy ours. Certainly across the UK there have been various events building up to today’s anniversary, and I want to use today’s post to highlight those.

When I was planning today’s post, I also wanted to photograph some of the thousands of war graves dotted around the Sussex. I headed first for the small Broadwater & Worthing Cemetery, and was amazed at the number of war graves it held. (I have also included a couple of gravestones I found in other cemeteries too.)

Of all the war graves I found, the most poignant was that of Private Houldsworth Elphick, who died on this day one hundred years ago. The 27-year old from East Preston passed away on the very day the war he fought in came to a close and potentially he was one of its last casualties. (I’ve been having a bit of a hunt round, but have not been able to find his cause of death.)

May Houldsworth and his compatriots rest in peace, content that the world fought for is better than the one they left behind.

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