Photo Blog: Day 2655

#2655 – 45

A couple of years ago, I had a go at a photo project known simply as 45.

The idea of the project? Set out on a walk with a phone/stopwatch and your camera. Set your stopwatch for five minutes and start walking. When the five minutes is up, stop walking. You have a minute to compose and take a photograph. Set your stopwatch for another five minutes and start walking. When the time is up, stop and, within a minute take and compose your second photo. Keep going until you have walked for 45 minutes and have nine photos.

A lovely warm Friday morning in May and I set out along the seafront in Worthing to see what I could accomplish the second time around. These photos are as they were taken. The only processing I have done is to straighten a couple of horizons (sorry, but that’s the OCD in me!), get rid of a couple of dust spots on the images (I really need to get my camera cleaned!!) and resized the shots for this blog. So, here you go. Nine shots, each taken five minutes apart.

3rd May 2019 – 08:01

Okay, not the most auspicious of starts… I was aiming to focus on the tape, rather than the bench, but it’s shot one of nine, so give me a break!

3rd May 2019 – 08:07


It was a bright morning, as you can tell, and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky…

3rd May 2019 – 08:13

The bright sunlight, of course, isn’t great because of the harsh contrast it creates… In my mind, this was a much better photo!!

3rd May 2019 – 08:18

96, 97, 98, 99… By this point the day was warming up and the coat had come off!!

3rd May 2019: 08:24

Apart from a series of dog walkers and a handful of joggers, going out nice and early meant that I pretty much had the beach to myself. Plenty of time during the 5 minutes of walking to collect my thoughts.

3rd May 2019 – 08:30

By this point, I admit I was on the verge of falling into the trap of beach, beach hut, beach, sky, beach hut… I knew it and I wanted to keep the series fresh, if I could.

3rd May 2019 – 08:36

That sky, though… I mean, I know it’s May, but it was so clear… (I am writing this blog three hours later, and clouds have resolutely replaced the sun!)

3rd May 2019 – 08:41

The weakest of the nine images, if I am honest to myself. Again, the sun was just that bit too strong and the contrast just that little too harsh…

3rd May 2019 – 08:47

Last shot of the nine, then, and there was a pot of tea with my name on it very close by! In contract (no pun intended) to the eighth shot, I liked the vibrant colours of the kayaks against the blue sky and sea. The yellow, bedraggled Keep Off sign just added to the make up of the image.

The 45 project is definitely something to have a go at. Click here to see my last attempt and here to see the combined blog.


  1. WOW! What a wondeful set of images. It looks like it was a really rewarding 45 minutes. It’s amazing what 45 can do and I like every shot that you’ve taken. Even the shot which you regard as the weakest offers some context to the whole set. I don’t think there is a weak image. My experience of doing a 45 is that if there are images I like less then there is usually some useful learning to be had in the process. I like that you have added the time each image was taken – very nice touch. Great work and a reminder to me to get out and do a 45 myself (In fact this may well happen tomorrow if the rain eases off long enough. I would very much like to re-post this on the Forty Five site. Obviously with full credit to your goodself and a link back to your site. Would that OK?
    Thanks for nudging me back into a bit of Forty Five action…
    Best wishes
    Mr C 🙂

    • Many thanks for your feedback. Yes, it’s something I did a couple of years ago (inspired by your site) and have been meaning to do it again. Please feel free to re-post; that would be much appreciated. 🙂

      • Brilliant! 🙂
        You now have your second entry on the Forty Five site…
        Strangely the times you added to the photographs disappeared when I previewed before reposting, so I have re-added them beneath the photographs but other than that the blog post is as it is on your site.
        Should you know any fellow photographers who may wish to participate then do spread the word and if they wish they can be included on the site.
        Have a great weekend.
        Thanks again and best wishes
        Mr C 🙂

    • Thanks, Koos! Yes, I have to admit the decent weather was one of the main factors for me doing 45 on that day (and the bacon sandwich and pot of tea at the end of it..!) Glad you like the results. 🙂

  2. Since this blog post reawakened Forty Five….

    …Yesterday I had a chance meeting with a photographer and we got chatting about 45. We had not met before but got chatting because we were both out with cameras. Later in the day he sent me a set of nine images and words to go with them! I’ve just published his work on the Forty Five site along with another of my own before his.
    I hope the sunshine is inspiring your photography.
    Best wishes
    Mr C 🙂

    • Awesome! I ventured out yesterday lunchtime (as much to get away from my office desk as anything else)… There will be another 45 coming from me next week! 🙂

      (I feel I might have started something…!)

      Best wishes,

      • One of the nice things about the WordPress community is being inspired by other photographers. I’m not on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so WordPress is a place where I get to see others work. Having said that I don’t actually follow loads of WordPress bloggers but I enjoy the ones that I do. To attempt to embrace too many bloggers could be quite overwhelming! Anyway you can see that you quietly resurrected Forty Five and as a consequence inadvertently introduced Martin to the project! I thought his post was great and like your own I enjoyed his words. I should really follow your lead and accompany my own post with some words. It makes the post a little more interesting and personal.
        I will look forward to seeing your next Forty Five. Might I assume it will be OK to post it onto the Forty Five Site with all the usual credits?
        Best wishes
        Mr C 🙂

  3. Nice series of shots. I particularly like the shot from 3:18.

    I’m also a bit OCD about straight horizons but at am rubbish at capturing them! Thankfully, it’s a little bit easier with my new camera as there’s a handy grid in the viewfinder 😀

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