Photo Blog: Day 2668

#2668 – 45 (2)

I have done this a couple of times now, and was recently inspired again to have another go at the 45 photo project. (As much as anything, it was a warm and sunny day, and I needed a purpose to get away from my desk for an hour’s full lunch break!)

As mentioned in my recent post, the idea of the project is to set out on a walk with a phone/stopwatch and your camera. Set your stopwatch for five minutes and start walking. When the five minutes is up, stop walking. You have a minute to compose and take a photograph. Set your stopwatch for another five minutes and start walking. When the time is up, stop and, within a minute take and compose your second photo. Keep going until you have walked for 45 minutes and have nine photos.

As before, the photos below are as they were taken. The only processing I have done is to straighten a couple of horizons and get rid of a couple of dust spots and resize the shots for this blog. So, here you go. Nine shots, each taken five minutes apart.

Haywards Heath, May 2019.

15th May 2019 – 12:23

Not the most auspicious of starts, and my intention had been to get the plant, rather than the bench railings, in focus…

15th May 2019 – 12:29

Happier ground, now – a candid photo of someone walking along…

15th May 2019 – 12:35

It’s the time of year when there are a LOT of rhododendrons out in bloom!

15th May 2019 – 12:41

I wanted something different from a ‘tree in a park’ shot, and placed my camera on the ground, following a long – and straight – path.

15th May 2019 – 12:46

Right time, right place. The model train was being prepared for it’s summer of runs around a local park, and gave me an ideal opportunity to get up close and personal with it. (Downside to this, the 45 project only allows for nine photos… This was the only one I could take!!)

15th May 2019 – 12:52

A building I pass on the way to and from work every day. When I first saw the name, I immediately thought of the Manic Street Preachers, and thought the lead singer’s name isn’t quite the same, I’ve not been able to shake the connection since!

15th May 2019 – 12:58

Okay, so I did give in to the tree in full leaf shot!

15th May 2019 – 13:03

The only portrait shot of the walk, and another ‘fail’ on my part. I initially thought the shot was going to be an element of the building against the clear blue sky, but then the lichen-encrusted sign came into view. Sadly (in my eyes), the expose on the sign is too dark, and it detracts from the building I was originally going to photograph!

15th May 2019 – 13:09

Last but not least, then, and mineral and vegetable.

So, what have I learnt from doing this project again? Use up the minute to fully compose and expose the photographs. Walk more slowly! (I covered more of a distance than I had anticipated.) Don’t go out for a long walk on a warm and sunny lunch break. You will not want to go back to the office afterwards!!

My first flirtation with the 45 project can be found here.

To see a collection of 45 projects, visit the excellent site


  1. Another great set of shots. It seems to me that Forty Five brings out something different in your photography and perhaps that’s how it should be. Maybe relinquishing a degree of control over the choice of location and other parameters allows us to see differently? Whatever it is I think you’ve come up with a lovely set of images and I also really like your notes. I enjoyed your honest comment on the first shot where you missed focus on the plant. I think the time factor can force ‘mistakes’ sometimes but can also lead to happy accidents and that can be a good thing.
    I really like the shot of the path leading towards the trees and how wonderful to scroll down and find a steam engine!!! 🙂 The last shot is simple but nicely composed and works well.
    Of all the shots I would agree with you about the building and the footpath sign and that it works least well. However your first instinct was probably right and it was the pressure of a one shot only Forty Five that led to a moment of indecision. I think reflecting on the moments through the forty five minutes is fascinating and appreciated your diary of words to accompany the pics.
    The James Bradfield/ford made me smile 🙂 Nice that the connection is now documented as part of your Forty Five.
    I will upload this onto the Forty Five site tomorrow but for now wanted to congratulate you on another job well done! What would you like as the title for the post? It will be No.16…..
    Best wishes
    Mr C 🙂

    • Hi there,
      Thank you for your kind comments; it’s lovely to have someone take the time to reply, rather than just clicking the ‘like’ button and moving on. (I admit to having done that myself quite a lot, so I am as guilty as anyone on that front!).
      I am a firm believer in fate, and know that, if I had not been in the park at that particular time on that particular day, then I wouldn’t have seen the steam engine. Things like that are meant to be.
      As an aside, seeing the post up there in the real world, I like the inadvertent link between the first and last short – bars/lines and vegetation.
      As for the title, Nine from Richard would do just fine, thank you. 🙂
      Kind regards,

      • I like how Forty Five can throw up images and opportunities that might never have occurred without setting off on a random photo walk! The steam engine was definitely a great surprise.
        I hadn’t picked up on the link between the first and last but I like it now that you’ve brought it to my attention.
        I hope you’ll spring another Forty Five on us in the not too distant…
        Have a great weekend
        Best wishes
        Mr C 🙂

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