Photo Blog: Day 2786

#2786 – 45 (Sunny September Walk)

Worthing, September 2019.

My fifth attempt at a 45 post; inspired by the warm September sunshine.

The idea of the project is to set out on a walk with a phone/stopwatch and your camera. Set your stopwatch for five minutes and start walking. When the five minutes is up, stop walking. You have a minute to compose and take a photograph. Set your stopwatch for another five minutes and start walking. When the time is up, stop and, within a minute take and compose your second photo. Keep going until you have walked for 45 minutes and have nine photos.

As per my previous attempts, the photos below are as they were taken. The only processing I have done is to get rid of a couple of dust spots and resize the shots for this blog. So, here you go. Nine shots, each taken five minutes apart.

14th September 2019 – 14:36

First shot, then, and it grates a little that these have to be posted as taken. I don’t mind the sun glare, but that rogue leaf bottom left is annoying…

14th September 2019 – 14:42

Again, shooting into the sun, and it’s not straight, but I blame that on a random woman on a bench not far behind me having a blazing row with her boyfriend over the phone…

14th September 2019 – 14:48

Hmm… I don’t mind graffiti if it’s inoffensive and isn’t damaging anybody’s property (this is on someone’s fence along an alleyway).

14th September 2019 – 14:53

I may be getting overly critical here, but, while I do like this multicoloured rose, as I pressed the shutter button, I wish I’d cut the f-stop to its lowest setting to blur the background further.

14th September 2019 – 14:59

I do like a candid shot, and am actually quite pleased with this; if I had composed it for a few seconds longer it may have sat a bit better, but I wanted to try and get a shot before anybody noticed.

14th September 2019 – 15:04

…and the same goes with this. Shooting into the sun, and I took my chance with a hit-and-run shot. It could have been better.

14th September 2019 – 15:10

Ah… Architecture! It doesn’t move, it doesn’t mind you taking a photo and you can take your time to compose a decent shot! πŸ™‚

14th September 2019 – 15:16

I refer you to my previous comments! This and the last shot kinda sum up why I chose to have a go at the 45 on this particular day. Warm and Sunny!!!

14th September 2019 – 15:21

And we’re back to the candid stuff again! I saw this couple on the beach as I walked back along the pier – from there they were lost against the pebbly beach, but from the boulevard the composition worked a lot better.

Another attempt at the 45 project, then, this time showcasing Worthing. I still need to slow down and take time to compose the images when my five minutes is up, but, if nothing else, it’s a good excuse for a walk!

To see my previous attempts at the project, click on the 45 link at the top of the page. To see the original inspiration for the blogs, go to the cracking site:


  1. Great set of shots. As I scrolled down I didn’t expect to end up on the beach!
    It’s great how the challenge often reveals a diverse set of images that hang together as a set. I think the rose is great. It has some wonderful colours and while you say you could have blurred the background more I think there is enough separation to enjoy the flower without distraction.
    It wasn’t just ending up on the coast that came as a surprise. I liked scrolling to the bowling shot. Suddenly after the quiet close up of the rose a really populated scene. I think it works really well and I like how you are loyal to the rules of 45. I think the composition works really well. The spread of the bowling balls and the movement towards them. The only thing that I think would improve the shot is to crop out the half a person on the left of the frame but I know you (quite rightly πŸ™‚ left it as it is because of the challenge. It’s those little moments that almost authenticate images taken on the challenge.
    One of the things I enjoy about 45 is that often a shot taken on the challenge might have an element in it that affects how we see it and understanding all the various components of the composition is part of the learning for me. Normally we would spend time waiting or tweaking a composition or maybe take a couple of shots from different angles etc but the challenge removes those options. I would never have thought to take a photograph of people bowling and perhaps you wouldn’t had it not been for your five minute stopping point. There is something very British about your shot and it has lots to enjoy. The lone spectator enjoy the quiet sunny afternoon and the sounds of the game. Looking at the outfits, the bowlers appear to be two teams so you know in this quiet scene there is also some local rivalry going on. The manicured green and surrounding part give the shot a sense of order. You composition works well with the band of shadow in the foreground. When you have so many people in the shot it’s never easy to pull off the perfect shot so although you say it might have been better had you waited it might also have gone the other way. I think you captured a great shot and it is my favourite of the set.
    The last shot felt like a bit of a cliff hanger! It left me wondering what they might be filming with what looks like a video camera?
    I will add this set to the Forty Five site over the next few days πŸ™‚ (Thank you)
    Are you aware of the English Heritage Open days which run all this week and at the weekend? All events are free and there may be some interesting photo opportunities in your area…
    Best wishes
    Mr C πŸ™‚

    • Hi there, Mr C!
      Many thanks for your kind comments; one of the things I love about 45 is that the project itself gives what can be quite a disparate set of images a new cohesion.
      Your comments about the bowling shot are also much appreciated and it really highlights what different viewers can take from an image. What for me was just a quick hit-and-run shot has obviously resulted in something more in depth for you. Because I wanted it to be candid, I really did not have much time to compose the shot. I totally agree about the person in the salmon top, but I couldn’t bring myself to flout the rule!
      As for the couple on the beach? I genuinely have no idea what they were shooting. It was a camera, as opposed to a video camera, and the general direction it was pointing was Worthing Pier, but the angle wasn’t high enough for the pier itself, only the supports and the sea underneath it. I guess it’s something we will never know!
      The EH Open Days run this weekend every year, and runs in conjunction with Open London ( I’ve been wanting to go along for a few years now, but sadly it is always held on the same weekend and clashes with my wedding anniversary, so I am unlikely to be ever be able to make it!! πŸ™‚
      Take care,

  2. Again, a great series! I love the ‘candid’ photos, you know I love to see people in photos. Keep on walking and keep on shooting pictures!

  3. Great shots. I’ve been doing a lot of walking around Toronto recently (there’s not much else to do while waiting for our shipping container to arrive!), and I think I might have to try out this 45-minute challenge one day.

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