Photo Blog: Day 2905

#2905 – Blurred

Petworth, January 2020.

It was getting too much for him. However, he’d committed and he certainly wasn’t going to go back on his word. No matter how spiteful she became. They’d yelled at each other for an hour straight. He knew it was the alcohol talking, well, the alcohol and the unnamed pills they’d been given that evening.

She’d stormed off downstairs, slamming the thin, plywood door behind her. It didn’t really have the effect she’d wanted, which had pissed her off even more.

God, that music was so loud. His brain was reverberating in his skill, which felt like it was going to split open. He could turn it down and still be ‘doing what he wanted’, but she would take that as giving in. It would underline to her how much of a coward he was. How weaselly and small he was. How useless and ineffectual. How pathetic.

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