Mass Observation Project 2020

A few years ago, I ran a couple of Mass Observation Projects on the CKPonderings blog. A theme is presented and you, dear followers, are free to interpret that theme photographically in any way you like.

As the CKPonderings blog closes in on another anniversary, new things are coming up. To celebrate this, I thought it worthwhile launching with a new Mass Observation Project. The theme is going to be:

January Blues

It’s really simple to take part. If you’re interested, just:

  • Take a photo that represents the January Blues to you
  • Email the image to
  • Include your name and location and a short note about the photograph
  • Visit on Saturday 1st February to see the Mass Observation Results!

To allow me time to put the results together, photos should be sent no later then Wednesday 29th January. Happy snapping!!

For some inspiration, links to my previous two Mass Observation Projects can be found below (I can’t believe they were so long ago!!!):


  1. This is a great idea with an interesting theme…
    I like the idea that the photographer must decide on a definitive image to submit rather than sending an exploration of the theme where perhaps they might be inclined to do more than one image (as I otherwise might).
    What size would you like the image sent? For the web/blog mine are usually 72dpi with the longest side 650pixels (Or there abouts). I guess part of my question is will also will you resize the images so that one persons image isn’t tiny next to another massive entry!!!? 🙂

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