Photo Blog: Day 2908

#2908 – Wired

Shoreham-by-Sea, January 2020.

She was buzzing. It had been an awesome, amazing, inspirational, mind-blowing night! She pulled off her heels and held them as she walked.

The pavement was uneven, they really should do something about that. Bloody council! Charging all that money and filling their pockets with it!

The car’s horn, loud, beeping, made her jump. The noise seared through her brain and she instinctively staggered away from the road. Well, sort of away. Why was she in the middle of the dual carriageway?

Another horn, shouting at her to get out of the effing way! Stupid bitch! There were some real oddballs out here tonight! That woman would have to watch out – she’d get knocked over.

Ouch! A stone dug into the sole of her foot and she slipped onto her arse. Not quite as painful as a piece of Lego, but fuck that hurt. She rubbed her foot and was surprised to see blood on her hand. Oh, great. Just great! She closed her eyes, just to focus her attention, just to give her the strength to stand up again.

How did she get to the bridge? She must have walked for miles! The breeze caressed her skin; it was so refreshing. Like Kate in Titanic. That must have been awesome too! Being on the front of that boat, the wind blowing in her face. Forget Leo, who needs Leo? She was right to chuck him off the raft.

The barrier was high, but she could get her Kate moment. Just ease herself on to the bar, that’s it. Steady, you don’t want to fall, missy! There you go.. Now then, arms open wide. Oh, still holding your shoes. Let them go, that’s it. Now, where was I? Oh yes, Kate and not-Leo! Arms wide open. Wide open and eyes closed…


Don’t forget to get involved in the new January Blues Mass Observation Project! It’s really simple to take part. If you’re interested, just:

  • Take a photo that represents the January Blues to you
  • Email the image to by Wednesday 29th January
  • Include your name and location and a short note about the photograph
  • Visit on Saturday 1st February to see the Mass Observation Results!


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