Photo Blog: Day 2910

#2910 – Recurring Beat

Shoreham-by-Sea, January 2020.

The beat was embedded in her head. The constant tick-tick-tick, like the rhythm of a clock, pounding, incessant, demanding attention. Like the killer hook of a song that you would be humming along to, hours after you heard it on Spotify. It was niggling, though, as if her subconscious was trying to remind her of something. It was important, she felt, but she couldn’t quite get a grip on it. It hovered just out of her reach, demanding attention, but disappearing off the moment you got anywhere near to the memory of it. But she knew it was important…

Don’t forget to get involved in the new January Blues Mass Observation Project! It’s really simple to take part. If you’re interested, just:

  • Take a photo that represents the January Blues to you
  • Email the image to by Wednesday 29th January
  • Include your name and location and a short note about the photograph
  • Visit on Saturday 1st February to see the Mass Observation Results!

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